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Our Specimen Lake has a diverse range of gigantic fish, that due to the perfect environment we have created, have grown to unbelievable sizes in a, relatively, short space of time.

These huge weight gains can be attributed to the year-round tropical climate, the natural food chain and the high protein balanced diet on which the fish live.

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Samui Fishing club and resort has 10 comfortable fishing salas each with cushioned seating areas, electrical power, cool boxes, lighting and clean towels. Fast 5G wifi is available all round the lake. All the swims can accommodate a fan or umbrella and most importantly, waitress service is available, so you don’t need to miss a single run.

Some pegs are doubles so you can fish with your colleagues, and there are 3 private swims for exclusive use of customers staying in our premium suite bungalows.

Our fully trained and helpful fishing guides have all been at TopCats for many years and can advise you of the special techniques and baits required not only to catch monster fish but help you to target your dream species.

We will give you as much help as you require. Our guides will net and unhook the fish. All fish, once landed, will have the hook holds treated with antiseptic and allowed to recover over oxygen ready for you to get into the water for that all important photo.

We do ask that during the process you listen to the guides and please note we do not weigh the fish. The guides can tell with good accuracy, the estimated weight for your records.

We Provide


We encourage anglers to bring their own pop ups and attractants of their choice, but other than that all bait is supplied by us and is now INCLUDED in the price of holiday packages and day ticket sessions.

Our daily bait pack consists of:

We have found, over the years, this is enough bait for the day, although we do advise on full day sessions it is best to use 2kg boilies as a minimum. Should you want more you can buy extra at a very reasonable rate.

We Provide


Each angler gets 2 set ups with 1 predator rod allowed at any one time. Most anglers start with one boilie and one particle set up, swapping one for a dead-baited predator rig as the sun goes down. We use Century RodsShimano Bait Runner reels and Delkim alarms as our core equipment.

End tackle can vary but Gamakatsu wide gape hooks with Iseama twist are the preferred option.

Everything that you need to catch our monster fish is supplied within the cost but If you want to use your own end tackle, please ensure it is checked by one of our guides. If you would like to bring a small tackle box with you here are a few recommendations: